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      1. Products

        18 Volt Cordless Power Tools

        20 Volt Li-Ion Brushless Impact Driver
        ? Ultra compact the lightest weight 0.89 kg (1.95 lbs) & 119mm (4.68in) the shortest length in the professional power tool field
        ? No friction loss and reduced heat production with longer runtime & lower power consumptions
        ? Intelligent IC controller protects over-heating, over-loading & over-charging
        ? Exquisite function designed by 5 modes in the widest applications included Hi / Mid / Low. “T Mode” Means Task Mode. It starts off at the highest speed and power setting once the impact mechanism kicks in, signaling an increase in fastener resistance, the tool automatically shifts down to the proper speed setting for final tightening. This leads to quicker speed of application, compared to starting off at the slower medium speed setting, and still works to prevent damage to bits, fasteners or work pieces. “C Mode” Means Cruise Mode. It fixes speed control from 0 to 2,500rpm which help to continued working at expected speed
        ? LED illuminates widely and brightly. ?Setting one minute illuminate as work light function in emergency
        ? Belt clipper designed easy to carry and hook
        ? Ingress protection rating: IP54
        ? Automatically stop running for over 5 minutes, prevents any unintentional contacts with electricity consumption & safety
        Motor : 18 Voltage
        Hex collet : 1/4" (6.35mm)
        No load speed : (L) 0~1,200 rpm (M) 0~2,400 rpm (H) 0~3,600 rpm (T) 0~3,600 rpm (C) 0~2,500 rpm
        Max. torque : (L) 50 Nm (M) 110 Nm (H) 180 Nm
        Impact per minute : (L) 0~1,300 ipm (M) 0~2,500 ipm (H) 0~3,800 ipm (T) 0~1,300 ipm
        Battery Model No. : B188 (3.0Ah), B18B (4.0Ah), B18D (5.0Ah)
        Charger Model No. : C189
        LED : Y
        Variable Switch : Y
        Forward / Reverse : Y
        Net weight (w/o battery) : 0.89 kg (1.95 lbs)